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Lulzbot respects your freedom!

Publicado em 10 de outubro de 2012

Brazilian portuguese version here. Versão em português aqui.

Last week we blamed Makerbot for releasing proprietary software with their new 3D printer. This time we’re here to compliment Lulzbot, a 3D printer company in the US that has just been announced as the first seller of hardware recognized in the Hardware that Respects Your Freedom program promoted by the Free Software Foundation.

Metamáquina has been applying for the same program during the last month, so expect to get some good news soon from us, too. We are happy to see that other companies in the world are also committed to the values of free software movement and we hope to see much more of that public committment in the upcoming months. If you’re in the open hardware business, please consider applying for the FSF program too. It’s all about the users’ freedom!

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